Thanks for visiting the Hoodyhandout website, my personal project where I hand out hoodys to the homeless along with other useful items such as sleeping bags, healthy snacks, healthy drinks and toiletries. It's been my mission and passion since 2009 and every year it grows.

Welcome to my homeless project

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Thanks for your donations they make HH possible!

The Hoodyhandout Story

In 2009 I raised £345, a small beginning but still pretty amazing for one guy and the response from people who donated was very heart warming. This encouraged me to persue this ideal and work on making hoodyhandout grow. I also did a 15 mile non stop swim at the open air pool in Hinksey Oxford to raise awareness.

For the Summer 2013, 14, 15 and 16 Handouts, I handed out healthy snacks, water, juice, vitamins and sanitary elements. My aim is to make the streets a little warmer by spreading positive vibes. I know life can be really tough and I also know that it's only the love and support from other people that gets you through the dark times. Sometimes all it takes is one kind person to lift you up and make a difference.


January 2014/15 A friend of mine, All City Steve, a London cab driver, gave out a few parcels. These parcels included sleeping bags, hoodys and health hygene and diet packages. I did the rest on foot. Giving out in Waterloo's Leake street tunnel, full parcels to people in and around Westminster and Southbank. As always handing out in Oxford and London. I handed out to 50 people. Donations came in from Natural Balanced Foods and Juice Master and as a result huge amounts of healthy snacks.


Later in the year 2014/15 a few individuals donated enough money for me to be able to buy 50 hoodys with fresh funky designs on them. One of Hollands top graffiti artists 'Chuck One' provided a funky 'C' to go on back of hoodys and as a tribute to a fellow artist and pal that sadly died, I designed a Robbo 'R' to go onto 25 of the hoodys. With the food parcels and sleeping bags these parcels were pure knockout.

2016 Hoodyhandout now with a little assistance from a few new supporters, were handing out on Christmas day, Boxing Day and up until present time to homeless in Oxford and London with the Frank Hunt London all Heart street design. handing out the usual love and goodie bags. We also scouted for individuals to take them out for special Christmas Day pub dinners. Till this time summer 2016 hoodyhandout have handed out to around 350 people. Since December 2016 till now The HH have handed out to about 70 more people on the streets. This means hoodyhandout have handed out to about 420 homeless people with the support of those who do.


Many thanks to everyone who has donated money, supplies and time to the project. I can't do this without you!


In the News...

In 2016 Hoody Handout made it into a local Oxford paper and in 2014/15 again The Oxford mail plus The Big Issue!

The hoodyhandout Project and its positive potential

We are always looking to expand this venture, so if you have any interest, ideas or just wish to support then please do get in touch.

To commemorate the passing of an amazing spirit, Amy Winehouse, I created a special poster and mural in Camden (featured left and bottom right). I took the poster round to places in London that she frequented and had over 300 individuals sign it family, friends, band and celebs.

Amy Winehouse Tribute

More HH moments

Special Thanks


Hoodyhandout Chicago 2016

The Grenfell Tower community tribute mural by Care Dsia Harrow club W10 & locals

Click on image above to view short mural video footage

A huge thank you to all who supported and showed love & commitment

Hoodyhandout myself Jay aka Camden Care and a few decided to organise a commuinity tribute mural to show love and support to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The Harrow club W10 one of the support centres close by, sent over a few youths and then locals walking past helped paint and had input towards this 70ft by 8ft spray mural. We then organised heaps of healthy naked and Trek bars from Natural Balance Foods to be delivered to the Homeless Solidarity project Kentish town where a good friend Jonny and myself bagged up a certain amount as a gift to the hard working staff of the Harrow club as a thank you and gesture for all the love and support they gave the local community close to the Grenfell Tower incident...

God rest their souls and pray for those effected, love and strength from the hoodyhandout team.

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